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Paintball is a modern adrenalin sport.

It is required tactics, good ability and fast response for this sport.

If you cannot play like a professional you need only courage :)

 ! That´s really good entertainment !

Paintball is a team game - the team has about 5 persons.

Every "soldier" has a special paintball gun (marker), paintball goggles and clothing.


 Objectives of game is e.g. capturing opponent flag, defending our flag or "killing" opponent players.   


As guns are used special paintball markers. Paintball markers are filled by compressed CO2.

As the munition are used special 0,68 cal. colour gelatinous balls - paintballs.

If you are hit, the paint-ball is destroyed and you have coloured patch on your clothing and you are "dead".

!!!!! During the game you mustn´t take off the goggles !!!!!


Function of marker:


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